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Expungements for Starters

For starters, what is an expungement? An expungement is the legal process where an arrest, charge, or conviction are completely erased from your record. In Kentucky, if you do not ask for an expungement after the allotted time, the crime will stay on your criminal history, meaning that any time your background is checked, the conviction will show up. This can potentially hurt job opportunities, school or education opportunities, and even some government assistance programs. The process of Expungements gives you a clean slate.

Convictions of any kind can carry harsh penalties in Kentucky, but they never have to result in long-term damages to your record. A criminal offense can affect your car insurance and employability, but luckily there are options out there to keep this from happening.

If these apply to you, please contact Ashlock Law Group so we can assist you in getting your record expunged. If you have been found guilty of a misdemeanor, convicted of a felony, or were even found not guilty or the charge was dismissed, you are eligible after obtaining your certificate of eligibility, which we can get for you.

We can assist you from the beginning to the end on getting your record cleaned up for your benefit. If you are looking for a fresh start or need to get that traffic violation taken off your record, please contact us today. 

Originally Published on Tuesday, September 11, 2018